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Our 2022 Word of the Year: Community.

This 2022 was a very unusual year for us as an agency. We went deep into Web3, way deep.

Understanding what real community building was, made a big impact in how we see brands interacting with their consumers in the coming years. Gone will be the days when an Instagram or Facebook post without emotional attachment or real deep interaction are considered an integral part of the marketing strategy. Twitter and Discord became our MO to get our community engaged inside a personal, but massive international circle of trust.

No more are Brands riding on a one-way street of information, it has become much more than a two-way highway, more like a roundabout, where everyone is contributing to the experience of owning part of a brand and deciding what path to take.

Elon Musk is talking on a daily basis with his "consumers" now through Twitter, Gary Vaynerchuk, understood this years ago and is now reaping the rewards of having millions of loyal followers genuinely interested in his daily #morningwalktalk

On a daily basis, for the past 12 months, we have found ourselves immersed in a virtual pond full of digital Rubber Ducks , and this is no analogy, one of our Web3 projects became a reference for community building based on a digital collectible that amassed thousands of real life collectors who bought their tokenized Duck and made them their own, just like you would, if you were a stockholder in any company you have a relationship with.

There is much to learn about what this space and MO could mean for the foreseeable future in regards to Customer Relationship Management, Community Building and Social Marketing, however, there is no better way to master it unless you get your feet wet and jump into the pond (pun intended).

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